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About us

ARDVARK is brought to you by a small team of enthusiastic Competency Assurance/Training professionals from various industries.

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What we have in common is disillusionment with the complexity, bureaucracy, low adoption, and excessive costs of current systems in the market.

We started with a clean sheet design, bold requirements (100% paperless, and handsfree), and used latest headset technology to develop an elegant, simple, intuitive platform based on open source/low coding.

We believe it is hands down the best Competency Assurance/Training platform in the market today, and we can’t wait to show it to you.

We will continue to improve the Competency Assurance/Training module with new features, based on feedback from industry.

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In addition the ARDVARK team has developed a roadmap for further developments of the platform; these will include A/I based assessments as well as the development of a Performance Appraisal module.

ARDVARK as an organization is spun off from a large German conglomerate active in real estate, shipping and hospitality, that funded design and development of the prototype. ARDVARK Pte. Ltd. as a company is registered in, and operates from Singapore.

Whether you wish to learn more about our amazing software, the company, schedule a demo, or just want to say ‘hi’, we always happy to hear from you!