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ARdvark Privacy Statement

Your consent is required to allow us to use your personal data for the reasons stated below.

Who are we?

The name of the organisation asking you for consent to use your information is:


10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #19-08/A (19th Floor, Rm 08/A)

Singapore 079903

Your information will also be shared with the organization that employs you.

We will use the following information about you:

  • Your name
  • Your email address and mobile phone number
  • Your national identification-number
  • Your employer’s name
  • Your unique employee-number
  • Your job rank or position
  • The facility and location your employer have currently assigned you to work
  • Video, photographic and audio evidence of you performing specific competency related knowledge, skills, behaviours and tasks during the whole assessment process
  • Geographic location details of assessments being performed
  • Results of all competency assessments you have completed
  • Technical related data such as type of mobile device being used for ARDVARK, the web browser used, Operating system used and IP address of the service provider used.

Why do we use your information?

ARDVARK Pte. Ltd will use your personal data as well as competency-based knowledge, skills and behavioural data to assess your competency required for the job you are employed to do.

We will also use your information to improve our service and quality of training resources we provide.

What will we do with your information?

We will process this data using a propitiatory Competency Assessment methodology and application developed by ARDVARK Pte. Ltd called ‘ARDVARK’.  The ARDVARK system runs on a secure cloud-based infrastructure based in the European Union.  

ARDVARK will measure your current competencies required for your job and help you develop them to reach the level specified by your employer.  

Your information will be processed by ARDVARK Pte Ltd for the purpose of monitoring your progress and helping you improve your job competencies.  This information will be shared with your employer to review your performance during employment.

You can withdraw consent at any time. However, you should discuss this decision with your employer first and they should notify ARDVARK Pte. Ltd in writing about your decision.

ARDVARK Pte. Ltd would like to publish examples of your five-star videos performing tasks which would be available to other candidates in your organization to watch and learn within the ARDVARK application.  Please indicate if you do not want your five-star videos published.

Enquiries relating to data privacy matters should be addressed to dpo@ardvark.ai