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Competency Assurance and Training were supposed to be the answer….
They failed.

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Most systems available in the market are legacy database software solutions driven from the top and needlessly complex. They are costly and require Assessors to be available in the physical workplace to do the actual assessment.

Beyond providing ticks in boxes, and being glorified training databases, the current solutions provide  little to no added value to the workforce.

Traditional assessments are often marred by bias and adoption by the workforce is problematic. Competency Assurance is often confused with “Training”, but training is simply a process with an unknown outcome whereas “Competency” is the outcome organizations seek for their workforce.

Lack of competency is a major risk for any organization. All the legacy Competency Assurance systems and training efforts have shown little to no reduction in undesired events. When it comes to competency of our workforce, many organizations find themselves stuck in Phase 1: “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

Competency Assurance. Reinvented.

What if you had a user friendly, intuitive software that would take a holistic approach to analyzing gaps in knowledge, skills and desired behaviors in a workforce? A tool that closes those gaps between observed and expected competencies? Integrated with a YouTube-like video training platform that establishes and promotes best practices in the workplace? A solution that your workforce would love to use; something that could finally take a stab at those undesired events?

Read on.

An idea whose time has come...

Ardvark headset

ARDVARK is a B2B cloud based Competency Assurance/Training platform that analyses, manages & promotes ‘Best Practices’ generated by, and for a workforce through video.

ARDVARK is industry neutral.

ARDVARK focuses on “Knowledge”, “Skills”, and “Behaviors” that enable a person to perform his/her work consistently, safely, confidently, independently, and reliably.

ARDVARK shares ‘best practices’ in an organisation, generated by, and shared in its workforce.

ARVARK requires no manual signatures, scanning/couriering/uploading of paper, or distractions.

ARDVARK works online in real time, or offline, for situation with low bandwidth/limited connectivity.

ARDVARK combines Competency Assurance with a video based LMS.

ARDVARK allows for engaging video based learning of “Best Practices” on a person’s mobile phone: Just in Time (Achieving a high level of “Retention” of the learned matter), and all
the time.

ARDVARK videos are workplace specific.

ARDVARK is a great tool for onboarding of new hires, as well as for an experienced workforce.

ARDVARK can synchronize data with other systems through API endpoints.

ARDVARK recognizes prior learning of a person, and greatly reduces the need for expensive formal training activities.

ARDVARK eliminates almost all bias in the assessment process by using video; expectations for a how a Task is to be performed are transparent, and evidence is of high integrity.

ARDVARK is a low cost solution with flexible pricing options.

How does ARDVARK work?

Competency has to be specific for position, equipment, location, etc.

Competency is focusing on a worker’s Tasks, and their associated Performance Criteria: How is the Task done?

A number of Tasks make up a worker’s Competency Profile.

Competency for a Task must be observed by independent/neutral Assessors in its proper, (high fidelity) context, strictly against the Performance Criteria defined for the Task.

Competency for a Task has to be binary: One is “Competent” in a Task, or “Not Yet Competent”.

In case a worker is “Not Yet Competent” for a given Task, there has to be closure of the gap between the ‘observed’ and the ‘expected’ Knowledge, Skills and Behaviors.

Gap closing activities could include coaching, self study, a training video, or simply observing a co-worker perform a similar Task;

Competency is dynamic:  Over the life of an asset (machine, factory, installation, etc.), operating and maintenance procedures change, equipment is added/removed, regulations are modified, Client requirements change, etc.

In addition, a workforce is dynamic: People get hired/fired, retire, promoted, reassigned, etc. Competency Assurance systems have to follow track, without missing a beat.

The following animations with voice over explain the various processes in ARDVARK

Ardvark HUD assessment
play button white
play button red
Task assessment
Submitting self-evidence
play button white
play button red
Submitting self-evidence
5 star video training materials
play button white
play button red
5 star video training materials
Ardvark Not Yet Competent/Appeals Process
play button white
play button red
Not Yet Competent/Appeals Process
Dashboards / Data
play button white
play button red
Online and Offline
play button white
play button red
Online and Offline

What do users of ARDVARK say?

Changes in operations and maintenance procedures, use of new tooling, introduction of new equipment on the workfloor, I could not believe how easy it was to manage those changes in the ADMINISTRATOR APP

We were skeptical in the beginning, but our workers really love the functionality and simplicity of the CANDIDATE APP

On a good day, we were able to do 3 or 4 competency assessments in the traditional way; with ARDVARK we can easily do 15 without breaking a sweat

Our in house team of Assessors are over the moon with the ARDVARK ASSESSOR APP; no more paper, no signatures, no scans/couriers, and tedious administration anymore

The introduction of ARDVARK has really done wonders for motivation and mobility of our workforce, and allowed us to implement promotions based solely on merit

We are in construction, and use the ARDVARK CANDIDATE APP when doing a Toolbox Talk before we do a job. I ask the guys to take out their phones, select the relevant Task, and we discuss the Performance criteria and watch a related 5 Star Video. It only takes a few minutes, and it really helps the guys to focus on safety, who is doing what, and generally do the job quicker and better

With ARDVARK, we are able to do high integrity competency assessments, where every step in the process is supported by video evidence. The number of formal Appeals as a result has dropped dramatically; there is simply little ambiguity left whether a person is Competent or Not Yet Competent.

Generic training materials and our LMS were never able to capture and promote best practices amongst our workforce. The ability in ARDVARK  for our workers to check those best practices in video format on their own mobile phone (5 Star Videos), literally minutes before doing a job, is a true killer feature

The ability to submit own evidence for competency has really empowered our employees who have taken control of their own training and development journey. In this era of COVID, we have come to appreciate the feature even more as it allowed us to do remote assessments of our workforce when our Assessors could not travel